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LCX Life Provides All the Life Settlement Resources You Need

LCX Life is your one-stop shop for helping your clients sell their life insurance policy in a life settlement transaction.  We provide you the resources and the tools to provide you and your clients with the information they need to understand the basics of life settlements, what to look for in a life settlement transaction, and how to successfully get your clients the most for their policy.  LCX Life works with many different life settlement funds to ensure that you and your clients get the best execution when selling a life insurance policy.

When you refer your clients to LCX, we will take care of all the steps in the process from initial intake to policy sale.  Our referral fee program ensures that we are working together on common goals.

Remember:  Never let your clients lapse or surrender a life insurance policy before exploring the life settlement option first!

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Insurance agents, financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, and long-term care industry service providers have turned to LCX Life to help identify life settlement cases that can be of significant financial benefit to their clientele.  Join our referral fee program today!

LCX Life provides you with the tools you need to introduce your clients to life settlements.

LCX Life offers you a library of documents that you can use to market life settlements to your clients.  LCX Life will customize any of the materials with your information, upon request.  Here are sample forms that can be used:

  • Brochure
  • Second version of a brochure
  • A mailer for clients regarding life settlements
  • Keep checking back for more materials to come!

How does the life settlement process work?

LCX Life will help you make the life settlement process as smooth as possible.  You can expect the full process to take anywhere from 30-60 days.  Refer to the resource items below for additional details.

  • LCX Life Program Overview
  • Click here for full explanation and review of the LCX Life system and process.
  • How is a life insurance policy evaluated for a life settlement?  Click here for a review of the evaluation process.
  • Review the LCX Life Policy Submission Timeline for policies over $250,000 and under $250,000.
  • Keep checking back for more materials to come!

The secondary life insurance market has created a new financial product and an opportunity for financial advisors, insurance agents, accountants, and attorneys to reevaluate their clients’ financial options.

LCX Life Provides you all of the tools you need to add life settlements to your product offers, get started today with our two-page primer on what policies qualify!