March 3, 2021

Are you having trouble getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

The first hurdle is qualifying to get the vaccine. Different states have different rules and even within a state, there may be different rules for different counties. You could try a search for “COVID vaccine eligibility” and add your state to the search term.  Once you determine that you are eligible for the vaccine, finding a place where you can get the COVID-19 vaccine can be difficult.  Typically, you must go to many websites of possible providers to find one that is giving the vaccine.  There are several resources that help centralize the process of locating a vaccination site in your area.  The best one we have found that covers the entire country is compiles state data, as well as some private pharmacy provider (Walgreens, as an example), to show available vaccination locations.

The website is run by Boston Children’s Hospital with the help of several collaborators, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  You simply enter your zip code to see the vaccination locations in your area with a link to check appointment availability.  In some cases, there is also information regarding the eligibility requirements at that particular location.

Additional information is also available at the CDC’s website.  Some states have developed their own resources. As an example, New York state has a website that you can register for updates, as does California. Florida’s website shows much more detail that includes vaccination locations and appointment availability.

When checking these websites, the appointment slots are frequently all taken, but the information is updated in real-time, so it is worth checking back regularly to see if appointments open up.  For information in other states, try Googling your state name plus COVID and search the top results.  It is worthwhile to have your government ID (driver’s license, official ID card, passport, etc.) and insurance card handy when making an appointment, as some locations require either pictures of the ID or information from the IDs.  All vaccinations are provided free of charge.

Remember, until you are fully vaccinated and protected, wear a mask when in public spaces, avoid crowds, and keep your distance from others.  Either before or after you get your COVID-19 vaccine, please consider whether you have life insurance that you don’t need, can’t afford, or just would rather have cash in your hand instead of cash going to a life insurance company.  A life settlement transaction is a powerful tool that allows life insurance policy holders to sell a life insurance policy for cash, which can be used however needed! In addition to the cash upfront, you no longer need to make future premium payments, helping you reduce your expenses. Life settlements are a regulated transaction, so make sure you are working with a life settlement provider or broker who is licensed in your state. At Q Life Settlements, we help guide you through the life settlement process.

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